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The New Aspire Elite Kit
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New arrival for Vaping lounge Tampa - KangerTech EMOW Mega Starter Kit Review
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New arrival for Vaping lounge Tampa - KangerTech EMOW Mega Starter Kit Review

If you head toward Tampa, Florida, you should experience its own unique take on restaurants. Feed yourself and your family, if you are with them, with an array of quality restaurants that would ensure safe and enjoyable dining. After a fine dinner with family and friends, it's nice to relax and unwind and do not forget to bring along with you your vaping kit so if you will have the chance to do it then you can do it.

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emow mega tankSpeaking of vapes, there are different starter kit Kanger offers and the latest voltage variable starter kit in the KangerTech EMOW Mega. This is also the greatest starter kit. From this KangerTech Wholesale Supplier, it comes with the newest EVODVV battery where it features a bottom analog dial which allows the user to adjust the voltage even with a simple twisting of the dial. The device comes with a bottom dual coil tank system with a unique adjustable airflow control ring, KangerTech's EMOW Mega Tank. The battery in this kit is rated a 1600mAh capacity wherein the user should go through a full day of vaping. By the way, the airflow control system features a horizontal window that can be rotated in over five horizontal holes depending on the desired airflow setting. The most remarkable airflow setting is when it is most wide open. The amount of vapor and the flavor that this kit produces is exceptional compared to high end rebuildable atomizers that are available in the wholesale vape market today. You'll get to be able to view the level of the juice inside that tank because of the EMOW Mega tank's sturdy metal exoskeleton which has for glass windows.

emow mega tank

Kangertech EMOW Mega Starter Kit is great kit for moderate to heavy users. The starter kit comes with black, stainless steel, cherry and Blue (Teal).

If you plan to purchase this kit, you will find inside the box the EMOW mega device that is fully assembled along with the USB charger, five spare dual coil atomizer heads and the manual for instructions.

If you are a beginner in vaping or simply upgrading from a basic starter kit KangerTech Emow Mega Starter Kit would be best for you.